Fashion Police: Analysing Yeovil Town’s 2017/18 Away Shirt

Ever since it was announced that Yeovil would have a new away kit for the 2017/18 season, rumours had circulated that it was a stunner. Those rumours were correct.

Just like the home shirt was launched a week ago, the stylish black strip was revealed on the YTFC Twitter account to glowingly positive reviews from fans.

The jersey is a simpler design from Sondico in comparison to their most recent home effort, with a black checked pattern, yellow and green trim on the sleeves, and a smart collar.

After finally having my pleas for a more simplistic strip answered, I am also delighted to see the colour black make a comeback after it was last used in the 2009/10 campaign.

Let’s face it, anything is better than some of the recent alternative strips we’ve had. I was never a fan of the fluorescent bumblebee design, and dedicating the colour of your shirt to the cider company that sponsors you is a little ridiculous.

However, even if the competition was of a higher standard, I think this kit would still go down as a favourite for years to come. It’s understated yet still utterly gorgeous.

There is, unfortunately, still the issue of the three stars which have continued to baffle and frustrate Yeovil supporters on social media.

You have to give credit to Dave Linney, who faced the music and gave an explanation of the stars in an interview also posted on the club’s Twitter account.

Linney mentioned the possibility of giving fans a chance to vote on the next kit. While Sondico have now proven they’re capable of producing great designs, the amount of backlash to the stars suggests that gauging opinions ahead of next year may be a good idea…

The club have stated that the two new kits will be available to buy from 1 July.


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