2016 vs 2017 Yeovil Town Transfer Tracker

It may still be a while until the 2017/18 season begins, but Yeovil fans are becoming impatient with Darren Way’s pre-season progress.

Despite five players already signing new contracts, concerns have arisen because key members of the squad such as Kevin Dawson, Alex Lacey and Matty Dolan have all left the Glovers and are yet to be replaced.

We’ve put together a table to compare the 2016/17 pre-season with this season in order to assess how successful the Glovers’ transfer business is, and we’ll continue to update it as new players arrive.

One key thing to note is that Darren didn’t make any signings until 1 July last year when Tom Eaves, Otis Khan and Liam Shephard (loan) all joined, which would imply that there’s no need to panic just yet.

Although this is only his second pre-season as a manager, it would seem as if Darren doesn’t mind leaving it late, as July is the latest the first permanent signing of a season has been made in the last 10 campaigns. The earliest came in 2008 when Russell Slade snapped up Danny Schofield on 7 May.

The table as it stands can be viewed in full below, and will continue to be updated here:

  2016/17 season 2017/18 season
16th May (Retained/released list announced)

CONTRACTS TERMINATED: Mark Beck and Wes Fogden

RELEASED: Jack Compton, Jordan Gibbons, Simon Gillett, Shaun Jeffers, Marc Laird, Leroy Lita, Jakub Sokolik and Chris Weale

NEW CONTRACTS OFFERED: Ryan Dickson, Artur Krysiak, Nathan Smith, Omar Sowunmi and Francois Zoko

17th May Artur Krysiak signs new two-year contract Kevin Dawson rejects contract offer and signs for Cheltenham
18th May Nathan Smith signs new one-year contract (Retained/released list announced)

RELEASED: Tom Eaves, Alex Lawless, Brandon Goodship, Joe Lea, Ollie Bassett, Darren Ward

NEW CONTRACTS OFFERED: (Kevin Dawson), Matty Dolan, Otis Khan, Tom James, Alex Lacey, Jonny Maddison, Bevis Mugabi, Nathan Smith, Francois Zoko

19th May Ryan Dickson signs new two-year contract  
20th May    
21st May    
22nd May   Nathan Smith signs new one-year contract

Francois Zoko signs new two-year contract

23rd May   Alex Lacey rejects contract offer and signs for Gillingham
24th May    
25th May Omar Sowunmi signs new two-year contract  
26th May    
27th May    
28th May    
29th May    
30th May   Otis Khan signs new two-year contract
31st May   Bevis Mugabi signs new two-year contract
1st June    
2nd June   Jonny Maddison signs new two-year contract
3rd June    
4th June    
5th June Francois Zoko signs new one-year contract  
6th June    
7th June   Matty Dolan rejects contract offer and signs for Newport
8th June    
9th June    
10th June    
11th June    
12th June    
13th June    
14th June    
15th June    
16th June    
17th June    
18th June    
19th June    
20th June    
21st June    
22nd June    
23rd June    
24th June    
25th June    
26th June    
27th June    
28th June    
29th June    
30th June    
1st July NEW SIGNING: Tom Eaves



2nd July NEW SIGNING: Josh Ezewele


3rd July    
4th July Ben Tozer rejects new contract  
3rd July    
4th July    
5th July    
6th July    
7th July    
8th July NEW LOAN SIGNING: Ryan Hedges  
9th July    
10th July    
11th July   PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: vs Weymouth (away)
12th July PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: 1 – 0 win vs Dorchester (away)  
13th July    
14th July NEW SIGNING: Jonny Maddison  
15th July   PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: vs Bristol City (home)
16th July PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: 2 – 1 defeat vs Bristol City (home)  
17th July    
18th July PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: 1 – 0 win vs Merthyr Town (away)  
19th July    
20th July PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: 5 – 0 win vs Swansea City (away)  
21st July    
22nd July   PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: vs Frome (away)
23rd July PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: 1 – 1 draw vs Spurs (away)  
24th July    
25th July   PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: vs Bristol Rovers (away)
26th July PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: 3 – 2 win vs Salisbury (away)  
27th July    
28th July    
29th July NEW SIGNING: Alex Lawless PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: vs Tiverton (away)
30th July PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: 2 – 1 win vs Swindon  
31st July    
1st August    
2nd August   PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY: vs Bournemouth (home)
3rd August    
4th August    
5th August NEW SIGNING: Bevis Mugabi

NEW LOAN SIGNING: Tahvon Campbell


6th August FIRST GAME OF SEASON: 2 – 0 win vs Notts County

First permanent signing of the summer:

2017/18 – TBA

2016/17 – Tom Eaves/Otis Khan (1st July)

2015/16 – Jack Compton/Matty Dolan (17th June)

2014/15 – Nathan Smith (21st May)

2013/14 – Joel Grant/Sam Hoskins/Joey Jones (30th June)

2012/13 – Sam Foley/Keanu Marsh-Brown (29th May)

2011/12 – Gavin Williams (15th June)

2010/11 – Luke Ayling (20th May)

2009/10 – Danny Hutchins (10th June)

2008/09 – Danny Schofield (7th May)

2007/08 – Paul Warne (27th June)


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