Another Unusual Summer for Smithy

Yeovil Town’s Nathan Smith will spend his summer fasting and volunteering in a health food store.

The 30-year-old announced on Instagram that he will spend three days consuming just water, followed by three days consuming just apple juice.

During that time, he will be helping out at Our Cottage in London, which specialises in organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw food.

Smith often uses social media to promote his vegan lifestyle, calling himself the “vegan footballer”.

Last summer, the defender went on a ten-day meditation retreat in India, where he practised various relaxation techniques.

During his time at the Vipassana Meditation Centre, he lost a stone in weight, took a vow of silence and slept on a metal bed.

The left-back recently signed a new one-year contract with the Glovers, and will look to add to his 254 appearances for the club next season.

We’d like to say good luck to Smithy over the summer, and we’ll look forward to seeing him again when pre-season begins.


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