Five reasons to hate Exeter City

After lampooning Leyton Orient, we’re now attempting to scorn City in order to create a fiercer atmosphere when Yeovil take on Exeter this Saturday.

*DISCLAIMER* This article is part of a tongue-in-cheek series in which we come up with reasons to hate whoever our opposition are. If you’re an Exeter fan and are offended, you are more than welcome – and encouraged – to offer a Yeovil-based response!

The away end

CL5RbXQW8AArqzk (1)Now, let’s make one thing clear: we’re not trying to claim that the away facilities at Huish Park are perfect, but we think it’s fair to say that the Radio Cabs Stand is significantly better than what Exeter offer away supporters.

The St James Road Terrace has shallow steps and no roof, meaning two things: you will almost definitely get a 7-foot giant stood in front of you obscuring your view, and it will almost definitely rain.

Even on occasions where it hasn’t rained, such as last season’s opening-day encounter, the weather has still proved troublesome. To put it another way, I can think of many places I’d much rather be on a scorching hot day than surrounded by a bunch of sweaty football fans.

Obligatory rivals

Geographically, there are only three football clubs closer to Yeovil than Exeter, which means we somewhat obliged to be rivals. However, to be completely honest, we just don’t care enough about the Grecians for there to be any hostility.

huish park to st james park

The media will still bill the game as a “westcountry derby” but let’s face it, Exeter would prefer to hate Plymouth and Yeovil would prefer to hate Weymouth. In fact, we’re due a game against the Scummers soon. Maybe we could sort out a ‘friendly’.

To be fair, there have been some entertaining and competitive, almost derby-esque, games between Exeter and Yeovil, but unfortunately the Glovers don’t often come out on top. Which leads us onto our next point…

Bad record

Shockingly, Yeovil have only managed to beat Exeter twice in 11 competitive matches. There was a friendly win in 2013 but as we were in the Championship and City were two divisions below at the time, that was probably to be expected.

Even more shockingly, four out of the last seven games have been draws. Considering Yeovil’s habit of picking up one point instead of three recently, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the same result on Saturday.

There is one saving grace: the Glovers weren’t beaten in the last meeting earlier this season, as they held Exeter to a 0 – 0 stalemate. After that game, the Grecians went on a seven-game winning run, and have forced themselves into play-off contention. Considering we were the ones that sparked it, hopefully we can end their good form on Saturday.

Ben Hamer

Goalkeeper Ben Hamer, currently at Leicester City, was born just down the road in Chard. For all intents and purposes, he is a Yeovil lad.

You would therefore expect him to want to play for his hometown club – after all, the last time we stuck a local lad in goal he became a legend – but for some inexplicable reason, Hamer signed for Reading in 2004.

Then again, during his loan spell with Exeter City he did let in three goals against Yeovil, so maybe he does have a soft spot for us either all.


Finally, we come to the main reason to hate Exeter. They’re a rugby city.

If you’re fortunate enough to not know what rugby is, it’s a sport made for Neanderthals that involves men running about with a “ball” and sometimes getting a point or two for kicking said “ball”.

On Saturday, Grecians fans will probably be checking Twitter on their phones for the latest score from the Exeter Chiefs vs Sale Sharks/Dagenham Dolphins/whatever silly rugby team they’re playing instead of concentrating on the footy. It makes you sick.


Of course, there are some things to admire about Exeter. For instance, they’re a fantastic example of a fan-owned club. In fact, the Exeter City Supporters’ Trust is a good inspiration for the recently formed Glovers Trust.

This is especially true considering the size of the two clubs are very similar, and you could also argue that both have over-achieved in recent years. As we’ve said before, us little clubs need to stick together!

Most importantly, both Yeovil and Exeter have been able to come together to honour and remember the late Adam Stansfield after he sadly passed away in 2010. Hopefully the two sets of fans will be able to unite once again in a rendition of “There’s only one Adam Stansfield.”

Just don’t expect us to join in with any daft rugby chants too…


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