Five reasons to hate Leyton Orient

After hanging Hartlepool out to dry last week, we’re now attempting to lampoon Leyton Orient in order to create a fiercer atmosphere when Yeovil take on the O’s this Saturday.

*DISCLAIMER* This article is part of a tongue-in-cheek series in which we come up with reasons to hate whoever our opposition are. If you’re a Leyton Orient fan and are offended, you are more than welcome – and encouraged – to offer a Yeovil-based response!


Andros Townsend theft

As every football fan knows, Andros Townsend made his senior debut at the mighty Yeovil Town after being signed on loan from Spurs by then-manager Terry Skiverton.

For all intents and purposes, the winger was made in Yeovil. Playing in the Premier League? All down to Yeo. Gaining caps for England? Skivo did that. Scoring at Wembley? He learnt it all at Huish Park.

However, Leyton Orient tried to steal all the credit by also signing him on loan the season after his spell in Somerset. They even tried to tarnish his legacy by letting him score a wonder goal against us. Just spiteful.

Their nickname

In the late 19th century, Leyton Orient, then known as Orient Football Club, were able to claim to have the best nickname in football.

During training, a goalkeeper suffered a deep laceration to his arm and this somehow led to the club becoming known as “the Savage Cuts”. If there’s a more manly club nickname than that, I certainly haven’t heard it.

Nowadays, Orient call themselves “the O’s”, which makes them sound more like a breakfast cereal than a football club. I’ll certainly be referring to them by their much cooler former nickname from now on.

Resorting to other forms of entertainment

Towards the later stages of the 2014/15 season, Yeovil and the Savage Cuts were involved in a relegation six-pointer. It should have been an exciting game.

Unfortunately, the most entertaining part of the match was watching a Glovers fan climb the metal framework of Brisbane Road. He was eventually ejected by spoilsport stewards, but for five minutes at least, the away fans weren’t bored out of their minds.

It should be noted that the incident was definitely a direct result of Orient being boring and was in no way due to the fact that Yeovil were 3 – 0 down at the time…

Non-symmetrical signage

Aside from its ability to become a fairly adequate climbing frame, Brisbane Road/the Matchroom Stadium hasn’t got many other redeeming qualities. One of the most bizarre features of the 80-year-old stadium is that the signage above the East Stand is noticeably off-centre.

Apparently, this is due to the fact that the stand was extended, but in reality it’s probably just Orient trying to be annoying in every way possible. Say what you want about Huish Park, but at least it’s symmetrical!

My heart goes out to the OCD sufferers among the Glovers fanbase.

Old Russ

From 2010 to 2014, there was a familiar face – and a big, shiny head – in the dugout every time Leyton Orient came to town. Yes, it was former Glovers manager Russell Slade.

To be honest, aside from a bit of “gross misconduct“, we don’t really have anything against Russ, especially since he helped guide Yeovil to Wembley for the first time in the club’s history in 2007.

But the cap-wearing boss was part of a wider ongoing problem with Orient: they love a sacking. Since Slade, SIX managers have been handed their P45s by chairman Francesco Becchetti. What’s that old Einstein quote about doing the same thing and expecting different results?


Of course, there are some things to admire about the Savage Cuts. For example, Russell Slade isn’t the only manager who has been at the helm of Yeovil and Orient. The legendary Alec Stock also spent time at the two clubs, and brought success to both.

And speaking of managers, another one of Orient’s former gaffers will go down in football history for delivering one of the most legendary half-time team talks ever filmed. Take it away, Mr John Sitton:

Finally, we’ve had some memorable games against the O’s over the years. Some notable moments include Gavin Tomlin’s 90th minute winner, Shaun MacDonald’s first-half hat-trick and Kieffer Moore’s first ever professional goal.



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