Analysing Yeovil Ladies’ Away Kit Designs

Yeovil Town Ladies have given their fans the chance to decide their new away kit ahead of their first season in the FA Women’s Super League One.

Supporters have three options to choose from and have until 6pm on Friday to register their vote online.

We’re now going to do our best to become the Fashion Police and give you what we consider to be the pros and cons of each strip.

Style 2:



  • Undoubtedly the funkiest design on offer
  • Has the potential to hypnotise opponents, making them easier to play against
  • No danger of players not being able to spot each other on the pitch


  • Looks a little bit like a normal striped kit that has melted
  • There could be a danger of Yeovil players being accidentally hypnotised by their own teammates
  • Might be too eye-catching and therefore would be distracting if a fan was wearing one on the sidelines

Style 4:



  • Another very smart design – symmetry is always appreciated
  • When it comes to Yeovil kits, the greener the better
  • Black trim looks very tidy


  • Green and yellow aren’t always the best mix (see the men’s away kit for proof)
  • In fact, unless you’re Norwich City, you really shouldn’t be going anywhere near green and yellow
  • Not as funky as Style 2

Style 5:



  • Yet again, a smart design from O’Neills
  • Black and yellow is definitely a safer choice than green and yellow
  • Still features a bit of green in the trim


  • Black and yellow stripes will always be ‘bumblebee-ish’
  • Possible issue with number visibility on the back of the shirt
  • Not as funky as Style 2

We hope that’s helped you make your decision and that you now make the correct choice. After Brexit and Donald Trump, society needs this vote to go well in order to prove that democracy can work.

You can cast your vote here:


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