Five reasons to hate Doncaster Rovers

Yeovil take on Doncaster Rovers this Saturday at Huish Park and, in case you aren’t already buzzing with excitement for the game, we decided to compile a list of reasons to hate Donny for further motivation.

*DISCLAIMER* This article is part of a tongue-in-cheek series where we come up with reasons to hate whoever our opposition are. If you’re a Donny fan and are offended, you are more than welcome, encouraged even, to offer a Yeovil-based response!

1) Badge-kissing Judas

Let’s start with the obvious – Doncaster is now home to the traitor who goes by the name of Andy Williams. Having had his career saved by Terry Skiverton, who signed him from Bristol Rovers, Gary Johnson helped turn him into a lethal striker.

However, he turned down a new contract after just two seasons in Somerset, and jumped ship to Swindon Town. If that wasn’t enough, he scored against the Glovers at the County Ground and celebrated by kissing the Robins badge. Despicable.

Ok, ok, the badge-kissing story may have been fabricated. And ok, ok, he may have returned to Huish Park the following season in a loan spell. But he did pick up a cruciate injury in training which meant he couldn’t play, and Yeovil still had to pay his half his wages. I’m sure he did it just to spite us.

2) Forgetting their roots

Doncaster Rovers seem to be treated like a big club these days, especially now they find themselves in the Football League’s basement division.

But despite the posh stadium and big wages, Donny were actually non-league rivals with Yeovil back in the day. The two teams faced each other in the Conference no less than ten times before both teams were eventually promoted in the 2002/03 season.

And even then, the Glovers went up into Division Three as champions, whereas Rovers had to rely on the play-offs. If that doesn’t prove that Yeovil are actually the bigger club then I don’t know what does.

3) Combo breakers

The 2012/13 season was a memorable one for the Glovers, as Sir Gary led ‘Little Old Yeovil’ to the League One Play-Off Final, and then to the Championship for the first time in the club’s history.


Another memorable feat was an incredible eight-game winning streak mid-way through the campaign. Yeovil managed to earn victories against the likes Portsmouth, Sheffield United and MK Dons, among others.

But the team who had to spoil the fun and end the remarkable run? Doncaster Rovers. They didn’t even beat us either; they just settled for a boring 1 – 1 draw. I mean, what’s the point?

4) Fergie Jr

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the most respected figures in the game, but even he has his faults. During his career, the Scot had a reputation for being hot-headed, for coercing referees into making decisions and for being a right miserable sod.

Now imagine all of these unfortunate traits, but without any of the footballing genius that made Sir Alex the legend that he is. You’re left with his son, Darren.

It seems that the only thing Fergie Jr has inherited from Fergie Sr is the extraordinary ability to make the fourth official add more stoppage time than necessary, and being proper moody.

5) Ee by gum

Unless you’re going to watch the Yeovil play away or you have family up there, why on earth would you want to go to Yorkshire?

You just know that it’s full of Devvo look-a-likes who smell of Bovril and think they’re better than everyone else because they’re from ‘God’s own county’.

The only decent thing to come out of the godforsaken place is a decent brew, and you can buy Yorkshire Tea from your local Tescos.


james-hayterOf course, we have to admit that there are a few things to admire about Donny. James Hayter (pictured left) played for them, and he’s a bit of a Yeovil legend.

Then there’s the fact that their squad currently features Craig Alcock, a product of Yeovil’s youth academy and all-round popular figure at Huish Park.

And who could forget the fond memories of the day we secured the Conference title at the old Belle Vue stadium. On that day, Yeovil’s Football League adventure began, and a chant was born: “(We won the league!) We won the league! (At Don-cas-ter!) At Don-cas-ter!”

Happy days indeed.

Still doesn’t mean I’ll approve if badge-kissing Williams scores against us though…

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